who we are

Chinnomul’ is a Bangla word defining the most disadvantaged group of vulnerable people with no address, uprooted and excluded from the society.  Particularly the term is used to classify the groups who are marginalized by their profession, caste, inheritance and the people oppressed and subjected to discrimination. 

To salvage and reorganize these divested and dispossessed groups of people and to set up for them a secured ambience in the society Chinnomul was established on 10th of June 2001 with an initiative of some social activists. The organization commenced its journey as a self-help group with active participation of sex workers, boatmen, ship laborers, cook, dock labourers, rickshaw pullers, truckers and specially Gender Diversity & Transgender at Mongla sea port and Khulna city. The group consisted of 612 members. From its very inception Chinnomul received direct assistance and cooperation from CARE-Bangladesh to conduct and manage all its initiatives in an efficient way.  In addition, ODPUP, HELP, RPDO, Mattra, CDS,ICDDR.B, Padakhep and in particular, BSWS have been so much benign in extending helping hands constantly to overcome all the barriers in attaining a sustainable future.